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PS 198M Annual Fund

All contributions will be used to provide valuable services and enrichment programs for our school. Any dollar amount is meaningful and appreciated!

PS198 students at pep rally

How much should I give?

The suggested donation is $850 per child, which is just $4.72 per each day of school.  If you cannot give $850, please give whatever you can. Any dollar amount is meaningful and appreciated!

How can I make my contribution?

You can use the online donation button above to donate by credit card, bank account, Google Pay or Apple Pay. Transactions are handled through Stripe’s secure, PCI Level 1 payment processing system.

If you would rather make a donation by check, cash or give in monthly installments, please download the PTA Annual Fund Brochure and return the completed form to the PTA Mailbox in the school’s Main Office.

Gifts via the online donation button above are subject to a small processing fee, but for no-fee options, donors may also contribute online to PS 198M through our PayPal Giving Fund page, or pay by check or cash. Email with questions.


The PS 198M PTA is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and your donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

What does the Annual Fund pay for?

The PS 198M PTA funds many initiatives and events that improve our children’s education. Three of those top programs are:

1.   Teacher Professional Development

  • Professional Development (“PD”) is designed to advance the growth of teachers and help our teachers stay current with research/trends in education. PD keeps teachers motivated and helps the school retain highly qualified teachers.

  • The PS 198M PTA funds our literacy and mathematics coaches to provide on-site professional development that is tailored to our school’s needs. Consultants are “in the know” and aware of the latest changes in testing and Common Core.

  • Costs: $60,000 annually


2.   School Enrichment Classes

  • Enrichment classes typically include Yoga, Chess, Hip Hop, African Drumming, Martial Arts, Ballroom Dancing, Fencing, and Health Education as well as the Musical Production Program with Ms. Festo and Ms. Silverstone.

  • These enrichment programs provide opportunities for all PS 198M students to complement their academic programming. Enrichments vary by grade and run for a total of 10-12 weeks.

  • Costs: $50,000 annually


3.   KING (Kids in the Game)

  • PS 198M utilizes KING recess coaches to provide a more meaningful recess with organized games and team building programs that teach our children how to be active while working on social skills, problem solving and conflict resolution.

  • Costs: $54,000 annually

Can I get a corporate match from my employer?

YES! If your employer has a matching gift program, please be sure to request a match. We would be happy to help complete any required forms. For further information, please email


For those applying for Corporate Matching, the following documents might be required by your employer:

  1. PS 198M Parent Teacher Association’s 501(c)(3) Determination Letter from the IRS (Click here for the IRS Determination Letter.)

  2. PS 198M Parent Teacher Association’s Brochure outlining our activities (Email for this information.)

  3. Donation Receipt (You should receive a confirmation email and receipt following your donation.)

5th Grade Dues


Contribute $75 for 5th grade dues directly here:

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