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Important dates for Fall 2020 school opening

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

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We look forward to welcoming everyone back soon, whether you're joining us fully remote or blended! Please see the DOE calendar for important dates. Please check your SchoolCNXT account and email for PS 198-specific news, updates, log-in info, and cohort schedules. Important dates coming up:

September 16-18 (Wednesday-Friday): Fully remote partial school days for all students.

September 21 (Monday): Blended learning begins for pre-K and children with advanced special needs (check your cohort schedule). All other students remain fully remote.

September 29 (Tuesday): Blended learning begins for elementary school students (check your cohort schedule).

October 1 (Thursday): Blended learning begins for middle and high school students (check your cohort schedule).

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