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May 10, 2019: PS 198 Spring Auction

The PS 198 Spring Auction is on Friday, May 10, 6PM-9PM! But our site is already up and running. The theme this year is Mardi Gras Ball! 

To participate in our online auction and our live auction (May 10th):

1.     Go to https://one.bidpal.net/ps198springfling2019

2.     Click on “sign in” and create an account

3.     Browse items to bid

We still need your help soliciting donations. It’s super easy – just ask! Most organizations that you frequent are happy to donate and receive free publicity.  Donations may be emailed to ps198springfling2019@gmail.com, via onlineform or drop off in the PTA office safe.


Our hope is to receive at least one donation from every family to help make this event a huge success!! If you can’t donate items, consider donating your time or money for food and drink at the event. 

Questions: Email ps198springfling2019@gmail.com

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