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The PS 198 Spring Auction site is up!

The PS 198 Spring Auction is on Friday, May 10, 6PM-9PM! But our site is already up and running. The theme this year is Mardi Gras Ball! 

You can now check out:

  • Deals on camps and just-for-kids items. (Winners will be announced March 31st, 2019)

  • Raffles for: Knicks tickets, front-row seats to the PS 198 Musical, and Double Dare Live! (Look under “browse items/fixed price items”; raffles chosen March 24th)

To participate in our online auction and our live auction (May 10th):

  1. Click on “sign in” and create an account

  2. Browse items to bid

We still need your help soliciting donations. It’s super easy – just ask! Most organizations that you frequent are happy to donate and receive free publicity.  Donations may be emailed to, via onlineform or drop off in the PTA office safe. 

Our hope is to receive at least one donation from every family to help make this event a huge success!! If you can’t donate items, consider donating your time or money for food and drink at the event. 

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