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Thursday, September 5th: First Day of School Arrival

**Arrival on the first day of school will look different than all other school days.**

Grades 1st-5th (8:00am):

All students will arrive via the 95th street entrance and gather in the school yard. Class gathering locations will be indicated by posted signs. (This will also be the daily dismissal location for your class.) Teachers will meet their class and be prepared to lead students into the building at 8am. Parents in grades 1st-5th are NOT permitted to enter the building with their child. Please say goodbye to your child in the yard when the teacher signals that it is time to enter. There will be many staff members on duty that morning to assist any child who has difficulty separating from their family and transitioning into school.

Classroom supplies should be carried in by students if possible. Any supplies students cannot carry should be left outside under your class sign. The PTA will deliver supplies to classrooms. We strongly suggest labeling your supplies with your child’s name and class number.

Kindergarten (8:15am) and Pre-K (8:30am):

As indicated in your August Welcome Letter, your arrival time will be staggered this morning. Kindergarten will arrive at 8:15am and Pre-K 8:30am. Please DO NOT arrive much before unless you have an older sibling in grades 1st-5th. This is so that we can reduce the number of families in the yard and create an optimal experience for all children and families. Kindergarten and Pre-K families will be permitted to walk your child to class at your designated arrival time on the first day of school.

Class assignments: Please see the table below for classroom numbers and teacher organization. Your child’s official class number for this year was indicated on their June report card. There will be staff members in the yard with class lists if you are unsure of your child’s assigned class. For those families new to PS 198 who have already come to register, you can contact the school the week of September 3rd should you need your child’s class assignment.


Regular Arrival Procedures (Beginning Friday, September 6th)

**8:00am arrival for ALL students, Pre-K - 5th grade **

Breakfast is served in the Cafeteria from 7:30-7:55am for students in grades K-5. It is suggested that kindergarten students do not attend breakfast until they feel comfortable in school. Parents are not permitted at breakfast. Breakfast ends promptly at 7:55am.

For students not arriving for breakfast, please adhere to the following procedures:

Students enter the school building via the Lexington Avenue, East 95th Street entrance. School safety measures require that children who do not require breakfast wait outside the school building until 8:00am, even in inclement weather. It is therefore suggested that families do not arrive to school early. This policy will be strictly enforced.

The 3rd Avenue entrance is still available to students in upper grades (3-5) beginning at 8am, however PS 198 will no longer use the auditorium for our arrival, and all upper grade students should proceed to the cafeteria. It is suggested that students use the 95th street entrance whenever possible in order to avoid congestion and confusion with PS 77’s arrival.

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